Snickerdoodle’s Story

Spring 2018 school pic Kinder age 6

Honestly, I don’t remember much about Snix’s ADHD story, but with good reason that I will explain in a minute. First you should know Snix is the middle child; he’s currently 6 and today is his last day of kindergarten.

I do remember that Snickerdoodle was WAY more active than Buddy was, AND he was dangerous. Buddy was literally scared of his shadow (not exaggerating!) but Snix wasn’t afraid of anything! A fearless child can be either good, or bad, depending on the circumstances. But, at 4 years old, Snix was clueless about his environment and terribly impulsive. Fearlessness and cluelessness does not a good combination make. He would run off in parking lots, climb on everything, wander off or hide in stores, and talk to anyone who looked his direction. We were worried for his safety.

So right before he started kindergarten, he was evaluated and diagnosed with ADHD. I remember that part well, because I was actually in the hospital, on 8 weeks of bed-rest while I waited for Boy #3 to make his debut. With my OB’s permission, I sneaked out of my hospital room long enough to go to the pediatrician’s office on a different floor of the hospital for Snix’s appointment.

This time around, it was much easier to decide if we should use meds, because 1) we already had experience with Buddy, so we knew more about what to expect, and 2) we certainly didn’t want Snix to accidentally get himself killed. We started him on the same meds that Buddy was on, and honestly that made dialing in his dose MUCH easier, and a much quicker process. We planned it out so that we were adjusting meds over the summer before he started kindergarten. I believe it made his transition into kindergarten a little easier for him.

Now, even on meds, Snix still shows a lot of ADHD symptoms, and we’ve toyed with increasing one of his meds, or the other, BUT, he too is quite thin, and his eating habits suck. If we give him a higher dose of meds, a side effect is decreased appetite, and he can’t afford to lose any weight. But, for the most part, he’s able to stay safe, and manage ok at school. In fact, we’re starting to notice some of the same “smart” traits that we saw in Buddy too, but Snix is wired for more artistic endeavors. All in all, we’re willing to compromise here with a smaller dose for now.  We’ll see what First Grade holds for us this Fall.



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