Life with 3 ADHD Sons

IMG_1499A natural byproduct of having three sons who all have ADHD is injuries, a lot of them.  most of them are relatively minor.  Lots of scraped knees or bumped heads, among other things.  We have a bunch of trees in our back yard that have been overtaken by grapevines.  Those vines scream to young boys to swing on them, and have been known to cause a splinter or two.  But, this weekend, the boys have been particularly aggressive with each other.

First, Snix was trying to get Buddy’s attention and Buddy was ignoring him.  So, Snix hauled off and slapped him in the back.  It was hard enough to leave a handprint.  I wasn’t really sure how to discipline such violence, so he has banished to his room, all electronics were taken away, and he had to apologize.  I didn’t think that was really a serious enough punishment, so I told him that when I thought of a punishment bad enough, I would tell him what it is.   That’s exactly what the 1, 2, 3 Magic strategy says NOT to do, but I was at a loss.

Then karma came to my rescue.  Snix and Dude were avoiding bedtime with some good-natured, if not rough, horseplay, and… Dude kicked Snix in the mouth and knocked out his two front baby teeth.  Dude has apologized several times, and even told his brother he was still beautiful.  And after making sure Snix was physically ok, and after cleaning up the blood, I made sure Snix knew the definition of “karma” and understood how it just played a big part in his life.  🙂


My friend Emily told me I should add a page here to memorialize all the injuries we have here.  Well, these were the first two of the summer, just 3 days in.  We laugh that our house needs an industrial sign that says “Safety is our #1 priority!  It’s been ___ days since an injury.”  But we’re pretty sure we could just paint a permanent “0” on there and wouldn’t be lying!


2 thoughts on “Life with 3 ADHD Sons

    1. Hi Dawn, sorry about the very long delay. I’m getting back into the blog, and I just saw your comment from nearly a year ago. I understand all too well the issues that your son faces on a daily basis. If you’re not already following, please do so and we’ll commiserate, discuss, debate, and exchange ideas as much as you like! I will be thinking about your family~

      Be well!
      ADHD Mom


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