Meet My Family

Meet my family. We tell our ongoing story here because we think (hope, for gosh sakes) that there are others are out there like us. (Please tell us we are not alone!) We have a life of seemingly endless chaos. If you follow our story, you will either find something that resonates with you, or that you can laugh at. In a very serious and, at times, difficult, world, I search for humor a lot. If I didn’t poke fun of us, I’d probably cry more than I do, and might even trying to find comfort in alcohol (if only I liked the taste!). So you’ll find a lot of sarcasm here too.

You see, I am #boymom to the extreme! I have three young sons, 11, 6, and 4. I’m married to a smart, talented, and a little bit (who am I kidding, “very”) strong-willed guy. Even our dog and cat are males!

But what makes life even harder is that I am the only human in my house who HASN’T been diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)!!

Some days the amount of activity, both mental and physical, is exhausting!! But let me tell you, there are days that the amount of shit that gets done is amazing!

And some days we struggle, a lot. You see, people with ADHD can be very passionate, sensitive, and emotional people, no matter what they are feeling or how old they are. Anger, sadness, joy, etc! ADHDers are often just “very”! And I’m just coming to realize that that means I’m living in a house with more emotions than a girls restroom on prom night!

So follow along as I share our ups and downs of everyday life in the hopes that you can know there are others out there who aren’t perfect, and are just trying to get by without any of our kids going to prison before at least finishing middle school.

But remember, I’m just a mom and not an expert in anything. I just have a beautiful family that challenges (forces) me to see some things differently than I ever thought I would.

I will share strategies we try, failures and successes, resources, suggestions, etc., for everything from how to buy clothing for the ADHDer who also has sensory issues to how (not) to discipline (because frankly we suck at that!) and everything in between.

So get to know us by starting on the Introductions page.  And please follow our blog, and chime in when you can.